Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim y Netiv Online Houston anuncian el primer curso de leyes noahide en español impartido por el rabino Asher Cacua

R’ Asher, a professional engineer, has Torah studies at the Pirjei Yoshanim Yeshiva and also at the Kolel Tzemaj Tzedek of the Old City of Jerusalem, on the subjects of the Laws of Shabbat, Issur vheter, Chassidut, Benei Noach Laws. R’ Asher Received Semite from Our Yeshiva Pirjei Shoshanim. R’ Asher has extensive experience in teaching the Benei Noach Laws, which has led him to be the current person in charge of this section of our Yeshiva. R’Asher currently serves as Rabbi, teaching and guiding the Benei Noach of Colombia and the rest of Latin America.

We are accepting Pre-Enrollments Currently. The Noahide Laws Course will be available October 1st, 2021 

Estamos aceptando preinsiones actualmente. El Curso de Leyes de Noahide estará disponible el 1 de octubre de 2021 


1. The program has a duration of 10 months.
2. The program is based on the comments of the Rambam and other Rishonim in addition to the most influential contemporary Poskim.
3. The program is 100% in Spanish.
4.  Spanish PDF format notes of each shiurim include the simanim (chapters) of the shuljan aruch to study.


Torah Vision for Humanity, The Religious Laws of the B’nei Noah,
Foundations of Faith,
Daily Laws,
Jewish Holidays and Holidays,
Noahide Life Cycle,
Food Laws, Civil, Monetary & Criminal Law,
Idolatry and Laws of Faith,
Noahida Prayer,
Contraceptive Methods,
and Other Laws.


How does it work? What is the curriculum?

The student will receive  a Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim Teachable Platform student account for accessing the Digital lessons in Spanish and lesson note materials.  All laws that require the student to learn are within the Spanish lesson. However, the student is also encouraged  to study the text of shuljan Aruch and other references. We recommend that you use for reading the source materials.


Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim and Netiv has created a Scholarship Program to address the pricing of the courses. These courses are taught by Rabbis thus the course has cost associated with it, i.e., Rabbi, hosting and administration. YPS and Netiv desires to make these courses available to as many people worldwide as possible and have taken steps to remove any financial obstacles. Thus, the cost for taking these courses is being heavily discounted. With HaShem’s help we hope that everyone will take the Noahide Mitzvot & Lifestyle Course. This course was offer in the past but now with our partnership we are the only authorized source for this comprehensive course. The scholarship program that YPS and Netiv had established will help everyone who desires to take these courses. YPS and Netiv feel strongly that every person who desires to learn should have the opportunity. Allow 24-48 hours for registration processing. Also, no orders processed on Shabbat or Jewish Holidays