Rabbi Shlomo Furst, a close talmid of HaRav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, ztz”l, has been learning in Yeshiva Torah Ore, Jerusalem for over thirty-five years. He is the author and publisher of The Torah Way of Life Series, books based on the recorded lectures of Rav Scheinberg.

In his preface to the Series, Rav Scheinberg wrote, “Rabbi Furst…His outstanding devotion to understanding my shuirim and shmuessen is readily apparent in his clear presentation of my teachings in lashon kodesh and English.…”

In addition to his continued writing and publishing, Rabbi Furst teaches daily at Yeshiva Tsama Nafshi in Jerusalem. He lectures in Halacha on the Mishna Berura and in Mussar.

Previously, Rabbi Furst was the Mashgiach Ruchani for Kollel Ruach Chaim, Jerusalem. While in America, prior to moving to Eretz Yisrael, he held the position of Assistant Mashgiach of Kashrus for the Central Foodservices of Yeshiva University, NY.

Chapter One 


Welcome! (12:02)

Lesson 1: The Purpose of Prayer (12:02)

Lesson 2: The Four Spiritual Spheres (19:03)

Lesson 3: Praise (13:56)

Lesson 4: A song of appreciation (16:21)

Lesson 5: Pesukei De’zimra explaining Vayevarech David, Az Yashir and Yishtabach (16:07)

Lesson 6: The Closing of Pesukei De’zimra (16:04)

Lesson 7: Yishtabach & Kaddish (17:34)

Lesson 8: Pesukei D’Zimra of Shabbos and Yom Tov (16:13)

Lesson 9: Concentration in Prayer (17:05)

Lesson 10: Chatzi Kaddish at the conclusion of Pesukei De’Zimra (14:38)


Chapter Two

Lesson 11: The Laws of Borchu (12:54)

Lesson 12: The 7 Blessings recited with Krias Shema (13:42)

Lesson 13: Yotzeir Ohr U’vorei Choshech – The Creator of Light and of Darkness (15:52)

Lesson 14: Krias Shema and the Aseres Hadibros (16:40)

Lesson 15: Shemoneh Esrei: The Amidah Prayer (16:22)

Lesson 16: The Amidah: Shemoneh Esrei (19:54)

Lesson 17: Shemoneh Esrei- continued (16:15)

Lesson 18: Shemoneh Esrei- continued (17:49)

Lesson 19: Al Hanissim, Birchas Kohanim, (18:15)

Lesson 20: Chazoras Hashatz, Kedusha, Birchos Kohanim (18:03)

Chapter Three

Chapter 21: Concentration (21:25)

Lesson 22: Tachanun – Nefilas Apayim (18:24)

Lesson 23: Hallel (20:16)

Lesson 24: Hallel Part II (20:48)

Lesson 25: Kaddish (16:40)

Lesson 26: Krias HaTorah (18:12)

Lesson 27: Krias HaTorah (18:26)

Lesson 28: Ashrei (19:21)

Lesson 29: Kedushas U’vah Le’Tziyon (17:09)

Lesson 30: Kedushas U’vah Le’Tziyon (17:26)