Rabbi Shlomo Furst, a close talmid of HaRav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg, ztz”l, has been learning in Yeshiva Torah Ore, Jerusalem for over thirty-five years. He is the author and publisher of The Torah Way of Life Series, books based on the recorded lectures of Rav Scheinberg.

In his preface to the Series, Rav Scheinberg wrote, “Rabbi Furst…His outstanding devotion to understanding my shuirim and shmuessen is readily apparent in his clear presentation of my teachings in lashon kodesh and English.…”

In addition to his continued writing and publishing, Rabbi Furst teaches daily at Yeshiva Tsama Nafshi in Jerusalem. He lectures in Halacha on the Mishna Berura and in Mussar.

Previously, Rabbi Furst was the Mashgiach Ruchani for Kollel Ruach Chaim, Jerusalem. While in America, prior to moving to Eretz Yisrael, he held the position of Assistant Mashgiach of Kashrus for the Central Foodservices of Yeshiva University, NY.

Kosher Kitchen Registration

Course Curriculum

Kosher Kitchen


Introduction to Kosher Kitchen (19:09)

Chapter 1

01 What is Kosher? / The Three T’s (23:30)

02 Koshering Non-Kosher Utensils (21:10)

03 Ovens Sinks Tables (17:27)

04 Immersing New Utensils

05 Immersing New Utensils (15:36)

Chapter 2

06 Baking Bread with a Jew’s Participation: (16:45)

07 Food Cooked by a non-Jew (15:43)

08 Serving Meat and Milk Waiting Between Meat and Milk (18:01)

09 Chicken, Pig, Maris Ayin, Fish, and Cheese (15:06)

10 Serving Meat with Milk (15:38)

Chapter 3

11 Waiting Between Meat and Milk (16:12)

12 Eating off non-Kosher Plates (17:23)

13 Meat and Milk Mixtures around the Kitchen (16:06)

14 Splatters on Pots (15:06)

15 Using the Wrong Spoon (14:56)

Chapter 4

16 Secondary Taste (16:43)

17 Dishwashing and Dishwasher (16:42)

18 More about Spoons / Sharp Foods (19:01)

19 Its Essence is its Taste (16:03)

20 Insect Free Juice (20:31)

Chapter 5

21 Checking for Bugs (20:33)

22 Koshering Livers, Dry Mixtures and Ch’r’l (17:20)

23 Ovens- Steam and Smell (17:31)

24 Mixing Up Silverware, Kli Shaini, D’sh’l’m (18:59)

25 Inspecting Eggs and Taking Challah (16:30)

26 Koshering Meat (19:14)

27 The Produce of the Land of Israel (16:03)

28 Final Test