Noahide Mitzvot & Lifestyle Course Syllabus

The Torah has an all-encompassing vision for mankind in which every person, Jew, and gentile, has a role to play. The Torah’s ideal role for the non-Jew is that of the Noahide (in Hebrew, the Ben Noach, Child of Noah). This role is defined by a large body of halacha (law) called the Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach, the Seven Commandments of the Children of Noah. More and more non-Jews have turned to the ancient wisdom of the Torah and its sages for guidance as to what God expects from them. Unfortunately, there are virtually no authentic or complete resources for the rabbinic world as to how to provide for those non-Jews seeking answers, until now. Over 60 lessons.

  1. The Torah’s Vision for Mankind
    1. The Seven Laws of Noah
    2. History of the Noahide Faith
      1.  In Biblical History
      2.  In Ancient History
      3.  Aime Palliere & Rabbi Eliyahu Benamozegh
    3. The Role of Law in God’s Expectations for Mankind
    4. Interpreting the Torah & the Role of the Jewish People
    5. Becoming a Noahide
    6. Ger Toshav vs. Chasidei Umos HaOlam
  2. The Religious Laws of the Bnei Noach
    1. The 7 Laws as Categories
    2. Guiding Principles of Noahide Law
    3. The Prohibition of Creating a New Religion
    4. When to Consult Your Rabbi
  3. Fundamentals of Faith
    1. Who is God?
    2. God’s Relation to His Creation
    3. God & Law
    4. The Patriarchs & the Concept of Choseness
    5. The Torah & the Jewish Covenant
    6. The Torah & the Noahide Covenant
    7. The Authority of Torah for All of Man
    8. Authority of the Tanakh (Bible)
    9. How to Understand the Bible
    10. Written Law, Oral Law, & Mysticism – How Do They Work Together
    11. The Soul
    12. The Supernatural
    13. Prophecy & Inspiration
    14. The Messiah
    15. The World to Come
  4. Daily Law
    1. Awakening in the Morning
    2. Clothing
    3. Tzitzis, Tefillin & Mezuzah
    4. Prayer
    5. Torah Study
    6. Honoring Torah Sages & Torah
    7. Blessings Over Food & Benefit
  5. Holiday Observances
    1. Jewish Holidays & Festivals
      1. Sabbath
      2. Rosh Chodesh & The Jewish Calendar
      3. Passover
      4. Shavuos
      5. Tisha BeAv & Fast Days
      6. Rosh HaShanah
      7. Yom Kippur
      8. Sukkot
      9. Chanukah
      10. Purim
    2. Unique Celebrations for the Bnei Noach
      1. Birthday of Adam HaRishon
      2. Birthday of Noah
      3. Receding of the Flood Waters and the Completion of the Noahide Code
  6. Noahide Lifecycle
    1. Gender Relations
    2. Prohibitions of Incest
    3. Prohibition of Homosexuality
    4. Marriage & Divorce
      1. Age of Marriage
      2. Permitted Partners
      3. Marriage Ceremony
      4. Covering of Hair
      5. Laws of Marital Relations
    5. Procreation, Childbirth & Prohibition of Abortion
    6. Circumcision
    7. The Noahide Bar Mitzvah
    8. End of Life
      1. Visiting the Sick
      2. Caring for the Terminally Ill
    9. Mourning
  7. Dietary Laws
    1. Introduction
    2. Noahide Meat
    3. Other Noahide Dietary Laws
    4. Laws of Jewish & Non-Jewish Foods
  8. Civil, Monetary & Criminal Law
    1. Introduction – Torah Law & Civil Law
    2. Establishing Courts & Judges
    3. Loans
    4. Returning Lost Objects
    5. Employment Law
    6. Theft & Robbery
    7. Kidnapping
    8. Personal Injury
      1. Causing Emotional & Physical Harm
      2. Threatening Another Person
      3. Striking a Jew
      4.  Prohibition of Suicide & Mercy Killing
      5.  Prohibition of Homicide
      6.  Against Vigilantism
  9. Idolatry & Laws of Faith
    1. Against Believing That There is Any God But God
    2. Forbidden Images & Icons
    3. Behavior Prohibited Before Forbidden Images & Icons
    4. Prohibition of Divination, Signs & Omens
  10. Other Laws
      1. Prohibition of Castration
      2. Prohibition of Cross-Breeding Animals
      3. Prohibition of Grafting Trees & Mixing Species
      4. Prohibition of Masturbation
      5. Laws of Honoring Parents
      6. Laws of Interactions With Jews
      7. Laws of Interactions With Idolaters, Christians, Moslems, and Buddhists

Teacher for the Course

Founder and Executive Director of Education and Counseling at NETIV in Houston, Texas. Rod Reuven Bryant was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana. He received his M.Div. from Houston Graduate School of Theology and served as a United States Army Chaplain. Rod has developed a virtual online learning platform for Noahides. There are currently 196 students from around the world who subscribe to the program. Rod Reuven Bryant has many years of experience teaching and providing spiritual guidance.